Thanksgiving Message From ADG

Thanksgiving Message From ADG

It’s hard to believe that 50 years have passed since I first released “Alice’s Restaurant” as a record in November of 1967. Beginning with the success of the record, I’ve gone on the journey of a lifetime, and it continues today.  Real events created the record, the record created the movie, the movie created my life. The real events took about a year to live through, the record took 20 minutes to listen to, and the movie was about an hour and a half to watch.  Meanwhile my life took 50 years to bring me to this moment, where I am today. But for the record and the movie that followed, those actual events would have been long forgotten - by me as well as everyone else. 

Thanks to all the friends and fans, the families and generations of my peers for keeping the spirit and the memories alive. Thanks to everyone who has come to our shows, connected to us in person or through social media. It’s been a good year to be a folksinger! 

And I’m looking forward to the coming years as we pull ourselves out of these dark authoritarian times and prepare for a much better world for everyone, no matter who or where we are. As the old song says “We shall overcome.” 

Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Everything! 

Arlo Guthrie