Retirement Was Fun While It Lasted

Retirement Was Fun While It Lasted


a Conversation with Bob Santelli

Arlo Guthrie has confirmed at least four public appearances beginning April 2023. All the events will be in the northeast in theaters he has previously performed as a musical artist.

“What’s Left Of Me”  is a conversation with Bob Santelli to include rarely seen video footage and audience Q&A.

Marti Ladd Guthrie, Arlo’s wife with a history in professional design,  created the intimate setting for the up-coming shows, with a backdrop of Arlo's heroes and mentors hanging within the living room environment. Audiences will feel as though they are visiting an old friend.

As the oldest son of Woody & Marjorie Guthrie, Arlo first made his appearance onstage at age 13 and continued into his 70s After 60 years on the road there should be a lot to talk about.

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