Back 'On The Road' With Arlo and The Band

Back 'On The Road' With Arlo and The Band

It always takes a few days to get back to being on the road. But nothing says 'On The Road' like a couple of buses with a trailer. So here's a picture of just that. Parked in Solana Beach before the Sold Out gig at The Belly Up Tavern. The crowd was really alive. As a matter of fact, I had left the stage after our encore and headed out to the coach to get out of the sweat-soaked clothes I was wearing and settled in for a nice cold beer. After about 10 minutes, Abe came to tell me that the audience was still there, yelling for more. I said "WTF?" But, it was too late to get dressed again, and try to think of something more. My voice couldn't give 'em any more as it was... We'll be back for more next time.

Then we headed up to Irvine for a 2 night stay at the Irvine Barclay Theater (or whatever they call themselves now). We had a nice show there and I'm looking forward to the 2nd gig there tonight. I remember playing somewhat nearby in San Juan Capistrano, at The Coach House for years. I miss that place. Maybe we can get back there one of these years. I hear it's still going. We always loved playing there.

Being a country boy by nature, the sheer amount of traffic around here is always mind-blowing. There's a lot of people out here! I don't know how they do it everyday - Trying to get from one place to another is a whole other world. But, they manage.

At any rate, we'll be heading north working our way up the coast into British Columbia for some shows up there, before coming back down through Portland, OR and then to Galveston, TX. Who routes these things?

I looked at the map this morning and saw that we're going to be driving through the Clear Lake area of California. That's a nice place. I remember doing a gig at Konocti Harbor back in 1992. That was really fun! But, I think the place is long gone now. Nice memories linger from that beautiful part of the country. Onward!