Alice's Restaurant 50th Anniversary Massacree

Alice's Restaurant 50th Anniversary Massacree
  1. St. James Infirmary

  2. Self-Esteem Building (spoken word)

  3. Me & My Goose

  4. Tales (spoken word)

  5. Ocean Crossing

  6. Last Train

  7. Pig Meat

  8. More Tales (spoken word)

  9. Coming Into Los Angeles

  10. 50th Anniversary Alice's Restaurant Massacree

  11. Forgetting Stuff (spoken word)

  12. Clips From The Movie (spoken word)

  13. Test Pressing/Woody Archive (spoken word)

  14. I Hear You Sing Again

  15. City Of New Orleans

  16. Train Songs (spoken word)

  17. Tales of '65 (spoken word)

  18. Highway In The Wind

  19. This Land Is Your Land/ Where Something Happened

  20. Here's The Deal (spoken word)

  21. What A Night (spoken word)

  22. My Peace

  23. Motorcycle Song

  24. Band Introductions (spoken word)

  25. Chilling Of The Evening

  26. Mostly Dead (spoken word)