Here Come The Kids

Here Come The Kids

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  1. Oklahoma Hills (Intro)

  2. Oklahoma Hills

  3. Pretty Boy Floyd (Intro)

  4. Pretty Boy Floyd

  5. St. James Infirmary (Intro)

  6. St. James Infirmary

  7. Haleiwa Farewell (Intro)

  8. Haleiwa Farewell

  9. Deportee/Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Intro)

  10. Deportee/Plane Wreck at Los Gatos

  11. 1913 Massacre (Intro)

  12. 1913 Massacre

  13. Mother's Voice/I Hear You Sing Again (Intro)

  14. Mother's Voice/I Hear You Sing Again

  15. Do Re Mi (Intro)

  16. Do Re Mi

  17. Thundering Hoofbeats of Creativity (Spoken word)

  18. This Song is for That Guy (Spoken word)

  19. Motorcycle Song

  20. Mom's Been Arrested (spoken word)

  21. Coming Into Los Angeles

  22. The King of the 12-String Guitar (spoken word)

  23. Alabama Bound

  24. Music For All Occasions (spoken word)

  25. Mooses Come Walking (spoken word)

  26. Old Shep (Intro)

  27. Me and My Goose

  28. Piano Lessons (spoken word)

  29. One Night in New Orleans (spoken word)

  30. St. Louis Tickle

  31. City of New Orleans

  32. 1965 With Ramblin' Jack (spoken word)

  33. Highway in the Wind

  34. This Land is Your Land

  35. You Know the Rest... (spoken word)

  36. A Poster in Portland (spoken word)

  37. Tuning at Carnegie Hall With Pete (spoken word)

  38. The Dustbowl Balladeer (spoken word)

  39. Three Month Evaluation (spoken word)

  40. My Peace (Intro)

  41. My Peace